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High LIDT laser coatings

High LIDT Laser Coatings

Amerina supplies proto-type and volume production of precision optics and coatings for Laser and other applications.
Amerina specializes in providing high LIDT laser coatings for high power/energy applications of laser cutting, welding and marking.
Our coating products cover a broad optical spectrum ranging from 193nm to 10.6┬Ám.

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Laser Optical Components

Laser Optical Components

Amerina supplies high performance optical components for Laser and other applications. We supply various optical components such as Windows, Prisms, Lenses, Mirror Substrates, Polarizers and Quartz Fiber.

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Projection Light pipes

Light Engine Projection Light Pipes

Amerina supplies Projection HDTV Light Engine Components---High quality straight and tapered projection light pipes, waveplates, UV-IR blockers and AR coating components for light engine systems.

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AutoDarkening Welding Lenses

AutoDarkening Welding Helmets

Amerina supplies various high quality autodarking welding helmets and welding interference filters, lens and the related components for autodarkening welding helmets. The products quality meets the standard of CE, ANSI Z87.1.

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Infrared Optics

Infrared Optics

Amerina supplies high performance infrared optical coatings, including anti-reflection, edge fliters, and CO2 laser mirrors on Si, Ge, GaAs and ZnSe substrates, which are applied in high energy CO2 lasers, infrared imaging and infrared sensor areas.

OLED Encapsulation Glass Lids

OLED Encapsulation Glass Lids

Amerina supplies high strength glass lid for OLED encapsulation and for chemical sensor applications.

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